let's get personal

If you network for business or for fun, you have a brand! Everyone from licensed professionals to entrepenuers, fresh graduates seeking employment to those swiping left and right for a date has a message to share about themselves, and I'm here to help!

what is personal branding

In an age of saturated social media and advertising, what people crave is connection! We want to identify with who we do business with and feel a sense of community in supporting them.

Personal branding is bringing your honest self to the table. It's creating a consistent, authentic message about who you are and how that makes your brand special.

Being able to tell that story visually through photography is what gives life to your marketing!

tailor-made sessions

My personal branding sessions are specialized to your brand's needs. Just like the portrait experience, we start by discussing your vision. We establish the context in which you want to use the images we create and define not just the look, but the feel that you want to share with your audience.

Your session itself is relaxed but intentional. I guide you through gentle poses and prompts, making it easy to focus on your brand's story instead of the camera!


Following the session, we will meet to review and select the photographs that best represent your message. All images to be used for promoting a business will also be accompanied by a commercial use agreement!

For professionals with a brick & mortar presence, I also offer display material! I partner with high quality printing laboratories to bring your branding session into your store or office and create the atmosphere of your clients' dreams.

Personal branding investment begins at $150 for individual headshot sessions and $450 for complete personal branding experiences. Subscription rates are available for brands with a regular need for new content.

Contact me to receive a tailored proposal for your branding session!