the planned moments

Events, both for personal & professional settings, are where we expect the big moments to happen, but they're also a beautiful setting to find the small, human ones.

personal celebrations

My favorite part about personal events for family and friends is how often love is the focus. I love love, and having the honor of documenting these events is one of my favorite services.

Be it a graduation party, birthday celebration, or engagement party, I approach each event with the goal to capture the expected and unexpected emotions of the day. I apply the same process as the portrait experience with an extra opportunity for candid, genuine moments. I

My event fee for small personal celebrations begins at $200 per hour with additional legacy investments highly recommended! I would be thrilled to learn more about your event and celebrate the moment with you!

business functions

Capturing the moments at your next company holiday party or sponsored happy hour is just as valuable! These are the events that embody the culture and community for your business or place of work.

For corporate events, I work closely with you to understand the timeline of events so I document all of the expected spotlights, and then I ensure that the candid photos that bring vibrance to the event are also captured.

These photographs are excellent material to play into using the personal branding style of marketing, and your attendees will love the mementos, too!

Investment for business events can vary widely; Please contact me for a tailored proposal!